Friday, April 24, 2009

NBC Nightly News & MSNBC

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of taking Ian Williams of NBC News out diving. Here is the clip that just played on NBC Nightly News on April 23, 2009. You will see me briefly in the water as one of the guys rolls off the back of the boat, and then cutting some fishing line away from a piece of coral.

MSNBC also had a story that Ian put together using some different clips. In this clip you will see a segment of a morning talk show they filmed with myself and Angelo Villagomez, and there is a segment where you see me diving. I'm the one in all black with the shaved head. This was truly great publicity for Saipan.

Hopefully this won't be the last time that we are in the spotlight as a result of the recent marine monument designation by President Bush.


bigsoxfan said...

Great stuff, both you and Angelo came across well. I'm amazed as MSNBC can't seem to find their furthest point of contact on most occasions, even when using both hands, but this series is perfect. Now if they just could have dragged visa execptions into the discussions. However, Saipan is looking much better than a sweaty garment factory workshop.

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

and your morning talk show had a lot to do with building support in the island for the monument in the first place.

Neutral Dive Gear said...

Finally got your new blog up on our blogroll. Sorry it took so long. Thanks for keeping our link on yours!

Keep diving!