Monday, March 9, 2009

Why I've Been Too Busy To Blog

Now there are those who might think I've just gotten lazy or not interested in blogging - not true! I've just unbelievably busy as a dive instructor and have had all the students I can handle lately. Meet my latest student, Jennifer Snyder. She's a professional beach volleyball player who came out to Saipan as a part of PIC's beach volleyball exhibition. There were several others who came out as well, including Olympic gold medalist Phil Dalhauser. I had been contacted a couple weeks previous to their arrival and told that Jenn really wanted to dive and get certified if at all possible, but she had a pretty tight schedule, and they were wondering if I could accommodate her or not. Soon after I said yes, I got an e-mail from Jenn telling me how excited she was that she was going to be able to get certified and do some diving. When I have a student who is really excited about it, I'll do whatever it takes to make it happen. So I claimed two full days of her time, and took two other half days and got her certified and also managed to take her out on a night dive after her course, and then a Grotto dive as well. Jenn was every instructor's dream, she took to everything naturally and just had a blast diving. She promises to come back next year to get her Advanced certification and do some more diving with me before the tournaments start. And by the way, no I don't ever ask to get my picture taken with anyone. I've met some very famous people, but I'm just not the kind who cares about souvenir pictures. But we went to watch Jenn play at the pro exhibition at PIC last Friday night, and she came over to our table to talk to us for a while after the games. Kelli insisted on me getting my picture taken with her, and I figured this wasn't the time to argue with my wife about posing with my latest student. But then she made me pose again with Janelle, Jenn's partner in the tournament, who is also a pro beach volleyball player.
I know, it's a tough life I lead, but I was just trying to make my wife happy. I've got plenty of dive pics I'll start posting soon as well, and a new color correcting filter that makes a huge difference underwater. Here is an underwater pic of Jenn using the filter.
I've been doing 3-4 dives every day for the last month, which would explain why you haven't seen me unless you've been underwater. But Axe Murderer Tours actually has a business license and has been busier than ever, and it looks like it may take on a life of it's own soon. I'll keep you posted.